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Classic Wings, LLC​

About Us


The family goes back three generations in aviation.  My grandfather Eldon Holm joined Lockheed  
in 1941 when World War II broke out.  In 1943 he was transferred up to Seattle to work for Boeing
on the B-29 project. He retired from Boeing up in Seattle in the early 70's as the Vietnam war was
winding down.  My uncle, Eldon's second son, followed his father to Boeing and still works there
today as an engineer on the 787.  My father joined the Air force out of school and got out in Florida. 
He received his masters in finance at Florida Atlantic and went to work for a small company in Miami
called Burger King, Corporation.  Dad has done quite well with this business, with stores in Florida and
Pennsylvania. He raised me on Vero Beach airport as he owned several Piper products, the last on being
a Navajo Chieftain.  Dad claimed the only plane he could own on Vero Beach airport was a Piper, otherwise
we would get run out of town.  

I started flying with my father when I was the age of seven.  I am forty two this year, so I figure that as 35 years in aviation. Being raised by a Piper man, I soloed when I was 17 in a Archer in Sebastian, FL, just north of Vero Beach.  I did my ground school at Flight Safety Vero and my flying part with the chief pilot at Sun Aviation in Vero where Dad keep our airplanes.  Dad got into Warbirds in the early eighties.  We restored and flew them to air shows all over the southern United States. 

I had planned to go on and be an airline pilot, but when I graduated from college, PanAm and Eastern has just gone out of business, so there were no jobs in the industry.  
I instead went on to work for a manufacture named Cooper Industries.  I was in the hand tool division and got to see the country working with our distributors.  I saw thirty five states in the first year. 

I often tell, people that I meet, that it is not my years it is my mileage, one has to look at.  I left Cooper to go work
for another manufacture in the Chicago area named Klein Tools.  I represented the company here in Los Angeles
where I currently reside.  I left Klein to start my own company, Ironworker Supply, Inc. in 2001.  I was a distributor
and light manufactureof  specialty tools for the Iron working trade.  I started Classic Wings in 2006 to restore and
sell aircraft to collectors, taking the name of a company my father had prior.  This lead to brokering aircraft,
not just vintage, but jets as well.

Scott Holm